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Our Moonscape earrings look like the surface of the moon


These Copper earrings are covered with a Verdigris effect paint which beautifully blends the naturally oxidized green patina and copper hues for depth and contrast which is a green pigmented paint. Coatings protect the copper. This is a stable component.  The pattern is a moonscape hammered effect 



2.2 cms x 4 cms on a 925 silver hoop. Weight  8.4 grams each

These aren't heavy earrings and are quite light to wear



We recommend that you do not shower/bathe while wearing the earrings as it may affect the copper


Natural Stones

Crystals and gemstones are natural creations therefore each one is distinctly different in size, colour, shape, and pattern no two are the same. imperfections are commonly found. The colour of crystals or gemstones may vary under different light and your screen image. though we take great care to get the image as true as possible.

Moonscape earrings with 925 sterling silver

SKU: 60
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