Jewellery Collection

No. 109 Earrings
No. 122  Necklace
No. 123 Necklace
No. 118
No. 124 Earrings
No. 91 Earrings
No. 89 Bracelet
No. 88 Bracelet
No. 39 Drop Earrings
No. 38 Drop Earrings
No.10 Drop Earrings
No. 50 Bracelet
No. 15 Shell Earrings
No. 23 Drop earrings
No. 34 Drop Earrings
No. 71 Pendent
No. 7 Drop Earrings
No. 21 Drop Earrings
No. 06 Drop Earrings
No. 29 Drop Earrings
No. 33 Drop Earrings
No. 65 Necklace
No. 22 Drop Earrings
No. 51 Necklace
No. 80 Pendent
No. 40 Drop Earrings
No. 67 Bracelet
No. 53 Bracelet
No. 32 Drop Earrings
No. 68 Necklace
No. 62 Necklace
No. 03 Drop Earrings
No. 35 Drop Earrings
No. 72 Pendent
No. 75 Pendent
No. 30 Drop Earrings
No. 74 Pendent
No. 25 Drop Earrings
No. 43 Drop Earrings
No. 42 Drop Earrings
No. 54 Bracelet
No. 52 Bracelet
No.83 Pendent
No. 82 Pendent
No. 58 Bracelet
No. 63 Bracelet
No. 60 Bracelet
No. 76 Pendent
No.64 Bracelet
No. 78 Pendent
No. 28 Pendent
No. 77 Pendent
No. 73 Pendent
No.1 Shell pendent
No.2 Drop Earrings
No.4 Drop Earrings
No.5 Drop Earrings
No.11 Drop Earrings
No.17 Drop Earrings
No.18 Drop Earrings
 Hand Made Jewellery using materials sourced from local beaches mixed  with       up-cycled jewellery sourced localy and semi precious gemstones
 all our jeweller uses sterling silver ear wires and chain

You can view a selection of our hand made jewelery from the gallery above if you see somthing you like click on the buy now button or order your jewelery on line button both will take you to our on line store




Devon based artists our main body of work is  nature and figurative nude paintings, our latest works are all stoptick art pictures made from recycled watches my art works have been shown at various art fairs and sells both locally and to international collectors


Our range of sea washed jewellery is inspired by items from our beautiful south Devon beaches 


You can buy our Art and Jewelery  just email us for the latest pictures in stock

Or why not commission a unique bespoke piece of personalized art work contact us to talk over your idea


All jewelry &  art work images by Neil and Cazy Arts