Devon based artists our main body of work is  nature and figurative nude paintings, our latest works are all stoptick art pictures made from recycled watches my art works have been shown at various art fairs and sells both locally and to international collectors


Our range of sea washed jewellery is inspired by items from our beautiful south Devon beaches 



You can buy our Art and Jewelery  just email us for the latest pictures in stock

Or why not commission a unique bespoke piece of personalized art work contact us to talk over your idea


All jewelry &  art work images by Neil and Cazy Arts

Dates for 2019                                  Location

Sat 3rd August                                         Tavistock Butchers hall

Wed 8th August                             Okehampton Agricultural show

Sat 17th August                                        Tavistock Butcher hall

Fri 23rd August to 26th August                RHS Hyde Hall Essex

Wed 5th Sept to 8th Sept                         Hever Castle Kent

Sat 5th October                                       Tavistock Butchers Hall

Wed 9th October                  Tavistock, Goose Fair, Butchers Hall

Sat 19th October                                      Tavistock Butches Hall

Fri 25th October to 27th October            Crowthorne Berkshire

Sat 2nd November                                   Tavistock Butchers Hall

Fri 15th November to 17th November      Saltram Christmas fair

Fri 22nd November to 24th           RHS Rosemoor Christmas fair

Sat 7th December                                     Tavistock ButchersHall